Saturday, 19 January 2013


Well I've never entered a challenge before, but under the peer pressure of my talented Creativity Venture Group friends, I have decided to enter this weeks PaperArtsy Blog Challenge.

The challenge was to use Portfolio Oil Pastels (or other watersoluble media / crayons), PaperArtsy Stamps and be inspired by the series of tags created by Helen Chilton.  It was great to see the different techniques used by Helen (and if you want to see some fabby tags inspired by these techniques visit my fellow CV member Sam21Ski's Blog for great examples of Wax Scraping and Blended Background Tags - just beautiful!)

So... onto my attempt... however I am rather challenged in the PaperArtsy stamp department as I have just four of their stamps that were purchased long, long ago when the world {and PaperArtsy} were young.

Not to be deterred, I made two backgrounds by blending the Portfolio Oil Pastels, using stamping and stenciling.  Following along with Helen's examples, I then stamped the PA Ink and The Dog Mini 'Man' stamp onto acetate and attached it to the background. I then tried to layer a second stamped image onto the background but noticed that I had the image reversed... but surprisingly liked the fact that layered images created a completely different looking man!

Anyway, its my first challenge entry... so go easy on me! And Good Luck to whoever else enters!


  1. Super job Lily, I totally love the reversed man

  2. Love the little cards, I prefer it best with the acetate on it.

  3. Fab Atc's Lily, love the colour of the second one but the altered image using the acetate of the first one.

    Thanks for the mention too, so kind.

    Sam xxx

  4. Lol @ peer pressure, great to see you joining in Lily and being inspired by Helen's great projects. The acetate version of the PA man adds a whole another dimension.

  5. These events are lots of fun, and I'll bet this will be the first entry of many. I think you have stumbled upon a really great idea--one stamp regular plus same stamp reversed equals brand new image, there could be many possibilities with this idea.

  6. Well how honoured are we that thesis your first challenge entry! And you had a great discovery with the acetate,,that could be interesting to explore with other stamps like patterns too! Thanks for playing along .