Sunday, 20 June 2010

Bright days, long nights!

I love summer! I love the long days...I love working and then realising it is 8pm and looking out the window to see that it is still light!

I love being able to take the dog for a walk after 4pm, I love the smell of BBQs... and I love sitting outside with a book, or supplies or... just a smile!

But I don't like it toooooo hot! (Call me fussy LOL!) We've had a bit of that recently but its better now, more liveable at least! I've been spending a lot of time with my extended family and it has been so much fun! We laugh so much together and I read recently that laughing keeps you young... so carry on laughing!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

A weekend away!

Holidays for us now are much fewer and farther between, but we do love our weekends away. We are off to Bath this weekend, one of my favourite places. I love the centre of Bath (and always have to go and have a drink of the "waters" while I am there) plus we are staying in a hotel we have stayed before, so no "awful room" surprises!

We last stayed there 2 years ago and had such a lovely time! This time I am really looking forward to the lazy-ness of it all!

Plus I get to meet up with my friend! She about 40 miles from Bath, so we make the time to meet up while we are there!

Taking no art supplies with me this time... want to have a break from it ALL!

If you are going away soon or just taking some time away from it all at home... hope you have a great time!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

June is here!

My favourite month. I am not sure why but I love June, the weather is usually warmer than May but not as hot as July... and the month itself is not as frantic for us as August usually is. Plus we usually manage to go away for a few days in June... not that anything is planned so far but the month is new yet!
I have also found some lovely Art Inspiration that I want to play with... something nice and fresh to keep the happy-ness flowing!

Oh!...and I have new watercolour pencils to play with, I have stayed with my favourite Derwent pencils but just extended my set! I prefer Derwent pencils (after trying LOTS of others) for a few reasons:-
  1. They are great quality
  2. They work as watercolours better than other brands
  3. They are a UK company!

I have been to Cumbria a few times and never been the the Pencil museum there... I always thought it was a bit "sad" to visit a museum for pencils but since becoming more of a mixed-media artist and appreciating the quality of the Derwent products... I really want to go now!