Thursday, 25 August 2016

I Bought Stuff! {Art Supply and Stationery Haul}

I Bought Stuff!  {Art Supply and Stationery Haul}

It's been a while since I made a video... in fact it's been a while since I bought stuff! 

So join me as I share a Stationery and Art Supply Haul!
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Faber Castell Pastels
 Lyra 6B Graphite Water-Soluble Crayon
 Lyra 9B Graphite Water-Soluble Crayon
 Pebeo Studio Titanium Buff Paint
 Pebeo Studio Titanium White Paint
 Daler Rowney Neon Paint Set
   UK:-     USA:- not available
 Derwent Pastel Wrap
 Reeves Junior Paint by Numbers
 Chalkboard Art Colouring Book
 Chalkola Chalk Pens