Friday, 15 January 2016

Filofax Friday | My Filofax Journey | 20 Years of Planners!

Filofax Friday | My Filofax Journey |  20 Years of Planners!

Join me as I share my Planner History!  After 20 years plus of using Filofaxes and Planners, I thought I'd share the ones that have taken me through the last 20 years (ad that I can still find!)

 It's in two parts due to file size!  Enjoy!


Friday, 8 January 2016

It's Filofax Friday... or is it?!?

It's Filofax Friday... or is it?!?

It's Filofax Friday! Well kinda.  I'm too poorly sick to edit the video... but as luck would have it my Kikki.K order arrived today as I was about to retire to my bed for the day, so I filmed this quick haul. 

Unedited, direct to camera, apologies for the polythene rattling!  Enjoy!

Monday, 4 January 2016

The Vlogmas Epiphany

The Vlogmas Epiphany

So... here's what I learnt while vlogging throughout the whole of December plus my goals and word for the year.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Vlogmas Playlist!

The Vlogmas Playlist

Happy New Year!  We made it and...phew...Its over!  Vlogmas that is!

I now have massive kudos for daily vloggers... well those that work, are trying to deal with late running renovations, a poorly family and the large and looming threat of Christmas! 

Finding the time to download the footage, edit the video and upload the video to YouTube after some long days was hard... which is probably why I missed a few days!  ;)

If you want to see the whole lot from beginning to end, here's a link to my Vlogmas Playlist

I learnt *a lot* during this period of video myself... and am about to make a video on what I learnt, my goals for 2016 and my word of the year.  Hopefully I'll have that video up tomorrow!