Friday, 21 January 2011

Archives... unearthed!

Way back in 2008, when I first started interacting with other art journalers and artists on the internet, I made some short videos of me just playing around in my art journals. They weren't big or clever and they certainly didn't teach anyone anything... but as I liked watching other people's art journaling videos on youtube etc, I thought it might be nice to share too.

However back then my confidence was at zero; having been told I couldn't play with the 'big girls' and harking back to my own insecurities about not being able to draw (ok I can draw but not like a master!) and the constant feeling that art was for "the professionals"... I left the videos lanquishing on a memory card...somewhere.

Then in the new year I connected with some lovely ladies on Ustream and they let me watch and chat as they made their art and they made me remember those videos sitting and gathering virtual dust... so I decided to share too.

It's funny when I look back at those videos of myself, as you evolve so much; things I did then but wouldn't do now, the way I did things then and don't do now... its interesting to see me back then on a different time in my journey.

Here are the videos if you are interested... I have more to look through and rediscover, some are just fragments of pages in progress and some will remain lanquishing on those memory cards... but either way they were all part of my art journey.

Art Journal: Butterfly

Art Journal: Love You

Art Journal: Take Time

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