Tuesday, 1 June 2010

June is here!

My favourite month. I am not sure why but I love June, the weather is usually warmer than May but not as hot as July... and the month itself is not as frantic for us as August usually is. Plus we usually manage to go away for a few days in June... not that anything is planned so far but the month is new yet!
I have also found some lovely Art Inspiration that I want to play with... something nice and fresh to keep the happy-ness flowing!

Oh!...and I have new watercolour pencils to play with, I have stayed with my favourite Derwent pencils but just extended my set! I prefer Derwent pencils (after trying LOTS of others) for a few reasons:-
  1. They are great quality
  2. They work as watercolours better than other brands
  3. They are a UK company!

I have been to Cumbria a few times and never been the the Pencil museum there... I always thought it was a bit "sad" to visit a museum for pencils but since becoming more of a mixed-media artist and appreciating the quality of the Derwent products... I really want to go now!

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