Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Great Craftroom Update & Declutter!

The Great Craftroom Update & Declutter!

It's time for a change! Finally! We've lived in this house for 16 years now... 16 YEARS!... where did that time go? I remember how keen we were when we first moved in; ripping up carpets, replacing fireplaces, having double glazing fitted, tiling the kitchen floor, boarding the eaves of the loft, painting the lounge, the hallway, the upper landing, the stairs... all while both working full time (and some!). 

And then we stopped.  Why?  Did we stagnate?  Did our circumstances change? Probably yes to both of those... but in all reality I'm finding it hard to remember why we went from pouring lots of energy into making the house "ours" to settling with where it was. 

Maybe its because the next steps were all "big ones"... you know like removing water tanks, playing with water pipes... big scary things that can go wrong!  Actually I seem to remember the last thing we had done was the double glazing... and my what a nightmare that was!  I think that's when we become scared of having more "big stuff" done!

But now its time... time to make things how we want them... and I'm starting with my playroom...ahem...I mean art room/craft room/scrapbooking room, whatever you want to call it!

I'm going to share my whole craft room update and decluttering journey on YouTube (obviously!) and to begin... here's the before tour....

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